Glenn Mathewson, frequent JLC contributor and presented at JLC-Live, offers a unique resource with Building Code College. You can sign-up for "full enrollment" (at a cost of $99.00/year) to get CEU credit through the ICC. This might be useful for maintaining state licensing or for building officials, but if credit is not required, you can participate in the whole course for free. Each course is like a complete JLC-Live presentation available anywhere, any time.

The two topic areas currently available include:

  • Building Codes for Basement Finish - Anyone engaged in turning a basement into living space needs to run through this one. Dealing with mechanicals, maintaining access, and providing egress are big deals with enormous code implications that could scuttle a project if not handled correctly.
  • Building Codes for Building Decks - This one includes four full-length courses. Before taking up the mantle of a code official, Glenn was a pro deck builder and his expertise clearly shines in this course. While focused on the codes,
    his approach (and this holds well for all the courses) is extremely practical and keeps the real-world builder concerns in mind.

As a speaker, Glenn has prepared presentations on a range of other topics, including building codes for roofing, garages, mechanicals, and advanced framing, (see Services > Presentations at GlennMathewson.com), so we can expect a whole lot more at Building Code College soon.