Finish Wiring

JLC Field Guide: Finish Wiring

In the final phase of an electrical installation, lighting fixtures and devices such as switches and receptacles are installed, appliance connections are made, and utilities (boilers or furnaces, air conditioning, well pumps, etc.) are connected.

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Finish Wiring Featured Articles

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Plug-In Electrical Testers

Using an inexpensive tester, you can troubleshoot a miswired receptacle without... More

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Neutral Necessity: Wiring Three-Way Switches

In the latest National Electric Code, every switch box in a habitable room or... More

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Electrical Problem-Solvers

When it comes to wiring, these tools and products can save you time and money More

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Wiring The High-Tech House

Structured wiring is the backbone that makes home automation work. More

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How to Remodel Around Electrical Systems

A master electrician advises you on how to do your work without accidentally damaging his. More

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Finish Wiring Instruction

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Grounding Electrical Boxes

Is using a grounding screw required when working with metal electrical boxes? And what about grounding when using plastic boxes? More

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Pigtails for Switches?

Is there any advantage to wiring switches with pigtails? More

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Q&A: Sizing Electrical Boxes

What are the guidelines for determining box size, and how can you prevent overcrowding? More

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