A couple of years ago, I ran across an unusual plastic electrical box at the local home center. It's called the Adjust-A-Box and is made by Carlon (216/464-3400, www.carlon.com). What first attracted me was the product's nailing plate, which lies over the exposed edge of the stud so you can fasten it head-on. But when I pulled the Adjust-A-Box out of the bin I noticed something even more unusual — a Phillips-head screw inside that allows you to adjust how far the box hangs out of the wall, even after it's installed.

The remodeling company I work for specializes in natural stone counters and backsplashes. In the past, it was always a big problem when clients changed their minds about the splash material. But with these boxes, we can run the small appliance circuits and get the rough electrical inspection before we know exactly what the backsplash will be.

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