Matt Risinger visits the Keene booth at the 2016 IBS for a look at a rainscreen product - Driwall - that some JLC readers have seen before. Matt likes it because it works behind all claddings. Few houses these days have just one cladding, and as Matt explains, "Now my cornice crew can install this rainscreen so it's in place for the stucco crew or for the guys doing rock or brick."

Something we haven't seen from Keene before is Keede lath - a self-furring synthetic lath that replaces the metal lath in stucco and cultured stone applications. It's easy to cut, doesn't have a bunch of sharp edges and the four-foot rolls are lightweight and easy to handle.

Matt also looks at Keene's CDR vent - a roofing product that Matt's used often underneath metal roofing. "It's a whole lot easier for the roofer to install compared to [wood] lath." And he introduces us to a brand-new floor tile separation membrane that works with modified or unmodified thinset.