Matt Risinger visits the Cosella-Dörkin booth at the 2016 IBS where he and Mark LaLiberte discuss two important exteriors innovation. The first is a partnership with cultured-stone and thin-brick makers, Boral, that introduces Drain-N-Dry Lath - a combination of the Delta dimpled drainage material combined with a fiberglass mesh filter fabric. This material provides a an easy-to-install drainage separation for any "reservoir cladding" material - claddings that are especially problematic because they absorb and hold a lot of water.

The duo also discuss Delta-Fassade S - a super-UV-resistant weather-resistive barrier that can be used behind open-gap siding, an increasingly popular exterior siding option on many high-end houses. Matt describes how he used the material on this project, and he also references the Denver Botanical Garden for an extreme example of an open-gap exterior requiring a super-UV-resistant WRB.