The recommended methods for applying Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) claddings were completely revamped after the widely reported failure issues of the 1990s. Modern code-approved "drainable EIFS" systems, unlike the old trouble-prone "barrier" systems, have effective drainage plane details that keep water out of the walls and allow wall cavities to dry incidental moisture effectively to the building interior.

Over the years, JLC and Coastal Contractor have addressed best-practice EIFS techniques in several articles. In 2001, nationally known father-and-son experts Russell Kenney and Michael Kenney authored "Success with EIFS," introducing the concept of drainable EIFS and providing comprehensive water-management and sealing details. Also in 2001, Harrison McCampbell contributed effective waterproofing and flashing details (see: "Making EIFS Watertight," 2/01). Finally, stucco and EIFS contractor Barry Jenkins provided a detailed introduction to the Teifs Weathertight EIFS system from Parex (see: "No-Leak EIFS System," 12/10). Together, these three JLC Archive features supply a working understanding of the principles and practice of creating a resilient EIFS exterior.