Board Siding

JLC Field Guide: Board Siding

Problem-free siding installations start with selecting the right siding grades and controlling the moisture content of the wood.

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Getting Kickout Flashings Right

Leaks are a liability. It's so much easier and less expensive to invest in $15... More

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Rainscreen Clapboard Siding for an Energy-Efficient Island Remodel

JLC visits the job site on Peaks Island, Maine, to see carpenters apply a... More

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Securing Rainscreen Siding

Test results show how to properly install clapboards and vertical strapping over... More

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Board Siding Instruction

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The Case of the Sobbing Siding

On a callback for a siding leak, a building inspector discovers that his roof... More

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Repainting Aluminum Siding

Q: Does faded aluminum siding with a chalklike residue on the surface require any special preparation before repainting? More

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Q&A: Extractive Bleeding on Cedar Siding

Q. I recently installed 20,000 square feet of 1/2x4-inch cedar siding, rough side out, on a project in Connecticut. The exterior wall construction was 6-inch metal steel studs sheathed with 5/8-inch exterior plywood and covered with building wrap. Inside, More

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Q&A: Caulking Siding — or Not?

Q. When installing cedar clapboard, should gaps between the siding and trim be caulked? More

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Q&A: Ventilating a Rain Screen

Q: I plan to install clapboard siding using the rain screen method. The siding will be fastened to 3/4-inch vertical battens, nailed over each stud. At the top, I plan to ventilate the rain screen into the soffit area. What is the best detail to ventilate More

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