JLC Field Guide: Brick

Rarely does brick as a material fail. The challenge is making sure it's supported properly, that it’s securely tied to the structural wall, and that the measures have been taken to ensure that moisture won’t affect the wood framing behind brick veneer.

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Brick Featured Articles

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Masonry Through-Wall Flashing at Windows

Enclosing an open second-story deck above a kitchen with through-wall flashing... More

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Retrofitting an Oversize Door in Structural Brick

A row house gets a new, 900-pound, triple-glazed slider. More

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The Case of the Leaky Sunspace and the Brick Wall

For years water dripped into offices housed in a glass enclosure -- for days after... More

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Brick Instruction

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Replacing a Patio's Brick Border

For best results, use the right kind of brick and the appropriate type of mortar. More

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Weather Resistive Barrier Behind Brick Veneer

Because brick is highly porous, installing the proper WRB is critical to protecting the sheathing. More

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Q&A: Creating a Non-Combustible Wall Behind a Gas Stove

What's the best way to create a non-combustible surface behind a gas stove in a living room? More

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Stabilizing a Brick Exterior

Unstable brick is tied to the floor framing with standard hold downs, threaded rod... More

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Reusing Salvaged Brick

Old bricks are risky for exterior use; save them for interior projects, and use the proper mortar More

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