In the tough coastal environment, aluminum flashing can be a key component of the weather protection system. And depending on the circumstances, your best approach might be to bend your own aluminum, or other metal, from flat coil stock. This year happens to mark the 50th anniversary of Tapco€™s introduction of the portable brake for bending aluminum on site. Here€™s a promotional video from Tapco, which celebrated its anniversary with a new €œPRO 50€ version of its signature tool. And in this video, Hanley-Wood€™s Dave Frane, editor of Tools of the Trade, meets Tapco rep John Miller at the Remodeling Show in Chicago for a demonstration of a custom-bent pan flashing for a window or door. Of course, when working with aluminum, it€™s important to understand how aluminum interacts with other metals €” especially with copper, or with treated wood that contains copper in the treating solution. Aluminum is best fastened using aluminum nails, and should never be placed in contact with copper or with copper-treated wood.