Credit: Scott McBride

Q. What’s the best way to frame a T&G fir floor on an L-shaped porch to get sufficient slope for drainage in both directions? A.Scott McBride, owner of Mustard Seed Master Builders in Sperryville, Va., responds: There are two good ways to deal with this situation — by running floorboards into a separate meeting strip (see top photo, below), or by weaving their ends together in a herringbone pattern (bottom photo, below).

The framing is the same in either case: Run a triple 2-by girder on a diagonal from the corner of the house to the outside corner of the porch, and tie the porch joists to the girder. The joists should lie parallel to the house walls, so that water will run off along the length of the floorboards, rather than across them. Since a porch floor is...

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