The 2016 Houzz Landscaping & Garden Trends Study surveyed 958 registered U.S. Houzz users in February 2016, and the vast majority - nine out of ten - reported they had recently performed “substantial or complete” yard renovations. The top four reasons for the upgrades: more outdoor space needed repairs, homeowners were now financially stable to take on home repairs, homeowners had the time and ability to take on the projects, and homeowners wanted to make a new home purchase their own.

Pool and Spa’s senior editor, Linda Green breaks down the top findings.

What sort of outdoor projects were undertaken? Patio or terrace upgrades top the list, followed by gazebos and pergolas; then decks, sheds/workshops, hot tubs, swimming pools, and greenhouses.

When asked what kinds of changes were planned, much attention was lavished on flower beds and lawns. However, 51 percent expected to perform pathway updates; 23 percent said waterfeatures; and 18 percent wanted to upgrade fire features. Outdoor lighting updates were must-haves, too, with illuminated pathways dominating (60 percent), followed by decks/patios (57 percent). Additionally, 24 percent of homeowners wanted to light up waterfeatures, while 10 percent said pools.

This follows on the latest Home Design Trends Survey by the American Institute of Architects, which revealed that outdoor living and blended indoor/outdoor spaces tops the list for the most-desired home features, with 72% of firms reporting increased activity for outdoor living and 58 percent for blended spaces.

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