Mark Parlee

Chrishoppepe: Great article, but I would like to comment on the counterflashing where a roof meets a sidewall. Photos 4 and 5 in the online version of the article show a nice rigid counterflashing above the step flashing. This will allow the shingles and step flashing to be replaced in the future without damaging the stucco. In photo 7 online, it looks like a peel-and-stick membrane was used as counterflashing, which would make it almost impossible to remove and replace the step flashing in the future. Please give roofers a break and make sure that roofing can be replaced in the future without removing the siding. This is true at membrane roofs, too, where the life cycle may only be 20 years.

Mark Parlee responds: Thanks for your comments and observations. You bring up a really important point that was not discussed in detail in the article, but warrants attention. You have to understand that these particular jobs were stucco. This one is a "direct applied" stucco, but the same applies to EIFS and traditional three-coat stucco as...

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