JLC Live, the construction industry's top technical and business conference, is coming to the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, R. I. March 19- 22. As usual, the show will include a packed exhibit hall with hands-on demonstrations and clinics, along with a full roster of expert conference presentations on business and technical topics. (For a full program, go to

One attraction this year for coastal contractors from both the left and right coasts is a session about how to build waterproofed concrete and tile decks over living space, offered by Arroyo Grande, California, contractor and expert Bill Leys. Leys' 2010 JLC feature article, "Dry Deck Over Living Space," is posted at the JLC website, along with a step-by-step slideshow. Ley's "Troubleshooting" column in this month's JLC, "Scuppers and Drains for Waterproof Decks," describes a repair job on an existing deck afflicted by leaks and dry rot.

Leys' three-hour seminar in Providence will start with a discussion of concrete deck construction, coating systems, and effective flashing systems; after a mid-session break, class will resume with an in-depth look at tile decks, including a close review of the details approved by the Tile Council of America for waterproofing exterior decks.