Duane Oglesby (online, 10/28/15): The method used by the author is close to the AAMA 2400-02 standard. In coastal climates where there is a lot of wind-driven rain, we use “Method B” with a beveled sill. We also use custom stainless steel sill pans for our windows, and threshold pans on our doors. We strengthen our corners with FortiFiber’s corner shield, too. This is pretty much common sense, but I see all the time that contractors or installers just never get the proper training.

We stay away from certain housewraps, too, that just don’t work in coastal climates. Some plastic housewraps get destroyed by the tannic acid that leaches from wet cedar or redwood shingles and siding. We use BlueSkin and FortiFlash for most of our projects.

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