JLC Field Guide: Shingles

A vented rain screen is the best way to make any cladding last. But, it's a lot easier to do with board siding than it is with wood or composite wall shingles.

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Siding With Cedar Shingles

Install a tight weather barrier, choose top-quality shingles, and use smart... More

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Rainscreen Shingle Siding for a Coastal Dormer

Rainscreen fabric designed for masonry walls creates a generous air space behind... More

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Rainscreen Clapboard Siding for an Energy-Efficient Island Remodel

JLC visits the job site on Peaks Island, Maine, to see carpenters apply a... More

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Shingles Instruction

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Sidewall Shingles Over Foam Sheathing

Q: How do I fasten cedar shingles to sidewalls covered with rigid foam? More

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Q&A: Extractive Bleeding on Cedar Siding

Q. I recently installed 20,000 square feet of 1/2x4-inch cedar siding, rough side out, on a project in Connecticut. The exterior wall construction was 6-inch metal steel studs sheathed with 5/8-inch exterior plywood and covered with building wrap. Inside, More

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Q&A: Nailing Cedar Shingles

Q: A new lead carpenter on my crew says that when installing cedar shingle siding... More

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Q&A: Painting Asbestos Shingles

Q: We will be painting a house that’s sided with asbestos-cement shingles. What type of paint is best? Assuming the shingles contain asbestos, do we need to take any precautions? More

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