Siding Fasteners

JLC Field Guide: Siding Fasteners

Only galvanized or stanless-steel fasteners should ever be used securing exterior siding or trim. But not all galvanized or stainless steel is created equal.

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Siding Fasteners Featured Articles

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Rainscreen Shingle Siding for a Coastal Dormer

Rainscreen fabric designed for masonry walls creates a generous air space behind... More

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Rainscreen Clapboard Siding for an Energy-Efficient Island Remodel

JLC visits the job site on Peaks Island, Maine, to see carpenters apply a... More

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Better Results With Vinyl

A guide to best practices for product selection, installation, and repair of vinyl... More

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Siding Fasteners Instruction

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Repairing and Replacing Sheet Siding

Minor cracks can be caulked and repainted, but sometimes the best solution is to... More

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Zip Wall Tips & Advice

Matt Risinger explains how he modified a Zip Wall installation for added durability. More

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Repainting Aluminum Siding

Q: Does faded aluminum siding with a chalklike residue on the surface require any special preparation before repainting? More

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Q&A: Nailing Cedar Shingles

Q: A new lead carpenter on my crew says that when installing cedar shingle siding... More

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Q&A: Should I Set Siding Nails?

Q: When beveled wood siding is going to be painted, should the nails be set below the surface of the siding and filled, or driven flush with the surface of the siding? More

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