Vinyl Siding

JLC Field Guide: Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is made from extruded PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a durable lightweight plastic. It doesn’t dent, rot, or corrode, and is impervious to water. Older formulations may be quite brittle from extended exposure to ultraviolet light, however, these days most formulations are a co-extrusion of a UV-resistant capstock and a resilient substrate.

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Vinyl Siding Featured Articles

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Builder's Guide to Vinyl Siding

Though manufacturers are improving the appearance of vinyl siding and making... More

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Better Results With Vinyl

A guide to best practices for product selection, installation, and repair of vinyl... More

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Another Look at Vinyl Siding

Manufacturers have successfully tackled some of the issues plaguing this low-cost... More

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Doing Vinyl Right

When it comes to giving vinyl an authentic period look, the right details make all... More

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Vinyl Siding Instruction

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Trim Coil for Vinyl Siding

To avoid ripples, follow these simple rules More

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Q&A: Vinyl Siding Over Fan-Fold Foam

Q: Before installing vinyl siding over existing wood siding, we first install a layer of fan-fold foam insulation. Is the fan-fold foam an adequate weather-resistive barrier? More

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Q&A: Removing Vinyl Siding

Q: Can you explain the best way to unlock vinyl siding panels? We often run into vinyl when building an addition or cutting a new window opening, and would like to know how to remove and replace panels without destroying half a wall’s worth. More

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Vinyl Siding Revisited

From its early days of fading and cracking, vinyl has come a long way in quality and versatility. More

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