JLC Field Guide: Anchors

Foundation anchors play a key role in resisting uplift. They are required by code even if you're not building in a high-wind zone or in earthquake country.

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A Contractor's Guide to Concrete Anchors

Traditional lead and zinc anchors required “hole spotting” — the tedious marking and predrilling of oversized holes. The new options we survey are quicker to install and far stronger. More

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Stabilizing a Hillside Foundation

Helical piers anchor a house on a sliding slope. More

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Rebuilding a Chimney Top

Stainless anchors and pressure-injected grout form a strong bond with the original... More

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Tool Test: Point-and-Shoot Measuring Tools

Laser measuring devices can make once impossible measurements routine, simplify calculating square footage and surface area, and perform useful geometric functions. A veteran remodeler tests five of the most popular tools on the market. More

Anchors Instruction

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Custom Access Ramps

Most of the houses I work on here in Southern California have few if any... More

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Anchoring a Railing To Stone

Q. Anchoring a Railing To Stone I need to secure the base of a wrought-iron handrail to an exterior granite landing. My plan is to drill holes into the stone and use anchors. What's the best way to do this without cracking the stone, and what should I use for anchors? I am concerned that wedge anchors might cause cracks. More

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Tool Test: Compact Rotary Hammers

The best tools hit hard, drill fast, and stop immediately if the bit jams. More

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