JLC Field Guide: Concrete

If you understand the fundamentals, you will be better able to keep costs down, improve the strength of your concrete, and minimize cracking.

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Concrete Featured Articles

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Concrete Basics

Concrete seems about as straightforward and rugged as any material on site. But... More

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Placing a Puddle-Proof Driveway

Pervious concrete solves drainage and runoff issues. More

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Stepped Buttresses for a Row House Basement

As part of a major gut-renovation project on a historic Brooklyn row house,... More

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Small Garage Foundation Repair

A mobile concrete mixer solved both budgetary and logistical problems More

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Concrete Instruction Articles

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Best Flashing for Concrete?

Aluminum should be avoided, but what else can you use for flashing with concrete? More

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Pervious-Concrete Benefits

Using pervious concrete on a driveway can reduce runoff and meet many stormwater-management requirements. But does it need maintenance to keep functioning? More

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Concrete Cracks – How To Fix

Matt Risinger tackles cosmetic repairs to a polished concrete slab, using an epoxy repair to render unsightly cracks nearly invisible. More

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Ancient Roman Concrete Has Lessons for Modern Scientists

Built more than two thousand years ago, the concrete seaport facilities of ancient... More

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