You've heard the old saying about concrete right?

"There are two types of concrete:  concrete that's cracked, and concrete that's going to crack!" - Old Man Builder

Well, this blog post is about a problem that most builders will face at some point in their career.  I built this house 10 years ago, and it was my first house with a polished basement concrete slab.  Within about a year's time, the slab exhibited some cracking.  Keep in mind that these cracks are not structural issues, and this fix I'm about to show is strictly cosmetic.

I'm using a two-part polyurea (it's a kind of like a cross between epoxy and spray foam) product called RS-88 from Metzger/McGuire that guns out of two tubes into the joints. Visit the Metzger McGuire website for more info.  Here are some detailed pictures, but you can see more in the video.

As an aside, I learned about this product by buying from a local supply house which focused on Commercial Construction.  If you are in Texas or Oklahoma you can buy this product at All-Tex Supply. Alternatively, RS-88 is available on Amazon.

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