Residents of Miami Beach, Florida, faced a damp reality in October, as astronomical forces lined up to bring especially high tides to the Florida coast. The Miami Herald has this report: ("Rain or no rain, beachfront streets flood due to 'spring tide'," by Philippe Buteau).

Driver Moses Schwartz was parking his SUV at the laundromat when the soggy ground gave way under his wheel, forcing him to call a tow truck, the Herald reports. "When tides are high, water also laps up against buildings along West Avenue, and sandbags are a common sight," the paper adds.

"In search of a long-term solution, a delegation recently returned from the Netherlands, Miami spokeswoman Nanette Rodriguez said, and the city will determine which of that country's strategies to hold back high tides can be used here," the paper reports. "Some of their ideas we can do, others we can't as we are in different geographic areas," Rodriguez said.