There have to be thousands of e-newsletters out there, and it seems like I get half of them. I give most of them a cursory glance on their way to my computer's recycling bin. But one particular newsletter arrives every week and I make it a point to go through the entire thing: World Architects-eMagazine (news@world-architects.com).  Their 'newsletter' offers a quick glimpse into what's happening around the globe on the architectural design front.

For an artist who has spent the last three decades immersed in home building, looking at knife-edge designs is fascinating and inspiring. Even some of the large-scale projects featured are mind-blowingly beautiful.  I always go through the "Profiles" section to look for unique designs. It's amazing to 'consider the possibilities' that are out there for building design—especially beyond the confines of our own borders.

This e-magazine is aimed at professional architects, so I lurk about, eavesdropping on all the interesting content, and admittedly I mostly just take in the amazing visuals. But I do love to read the last section of the magazine called "Number." They give a short statement about an interesting fact that is summed up in a number. In the #17/14 edition of the magazine the Number section was particularly interesting:

Number of homes in Shanghai, China, measuring 200 square meters (2,100 square feet) each, that were created entirely out of concrete using a gigantic 3-D-printer in less than a day for $4800 (€3470): 10

Printing a house, I wonder what the local code official and the historical commission would have to say about THAT!