Radon Abatement

JLC Field Guide: Radon Abatement

Radon can be dangerous but it does not occur everywhere. It is a function of local geology and only testing in a completed home can determine if measures need to be taken to reduce indoor concentrations. In regions where it is a known hazard, steps must be taken before pouring a structural or basement slab - steps that can be completed if testing confirms the problem.

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Radon Abatement Featured Articles

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Radon Vent Retrofit

A radon remediation contractor shows how to install vent pipes beneath a slab to... More

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A Radon Guide for New Construction

These low-cost measures will make radon removal easy if needed later. More

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Radon Abatement Instruction

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A Tale of Two Hazards

There are no clear policies for the two biggest IAQ hazards - carbon monoxide and... More

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Leaky Air-Conditioner Coil

After replacing both a condensate pan and a pump, the plumber fixing my client's... More

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Q&A: Unventilated Crawlspaces

Q: Since 1983, we have been using unvented crawlspaces under many of our energy-efficient housing projects. Our county has recently hired a new building inspector who is unfamiliar with this building practice and can find no provisions for it in the BOCA code. He would like us to provide evidence that unvented crawlspaces are sound building practice in our climate. We build in a 9,500-degree-day climate. Our crawlspace construction includes 2 inches (R=10) of rigid foam insulation on the outside of the foundation from footing to subfloor, a continuous 6-mil poly ground cover sealed at the joints and the outside wall, and R-19 batts in the floor joists. We have inspected most of these systems over the years and have found no evidence of wood rot or crawlspace moisture problems. What is the latest building science information on unvented crawlspaces, and how is it integrated into building code? More

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Q&A: Tight Houses & Air Quality

Q: Puzzled by conflicting energy advice? We asked our panel experts to help out by summarizing the latest thinking on a number of thorny issues. More

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Q&A: Under-Slab Heating Ducts & Air Quality

Q: Do under-slab heating ducts create any health problems with mold, radon, etc.? If so, what can be done to avoid these hazards? More

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