Structural Slabs

JLC Field Guide: Structural Slabs

Slab-on-grade foundations are one of the most common foundations in the U.S. becasue they can be adapted to perform well in a wide range of climate zones and difficult soil conditions.

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Structural Slabs Featured Articles

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Pouring a Structural Slab

An East Coast builder describes the process of forming and pouring a structural garage slab using polystyrene deck forms. More

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Post-Tensioned Slabs

Expansive soils can wreak havoc on conventional wire-mesh reinforced slabs. A... More

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Small Garage Foundation Repair

A mobile concrete mixer solved both budgetary and logistical problems More

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Replacing a Slab Foundation

When the original builder flubs a foundation, someone else has to clean up the mess. More

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Super-Insulated Slab Foundations

Compacted drainage stone and a thick layer of foam prevent frost damage and keep... More

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Structural Slabs Instruction

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Concrete Cracks – How To Fix

Matt Risinger tackles cosmetic repairs to a polished concrete slab, using an epoxy repair to render unsightly cracks nearly invisible. More

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Insulating Outside the Foundation

Best practices for insulating a foundation. More

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Basement Stairs Transplant

Stacking the basement stairs under the stairs to the second floor opens up the... More

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Q&A: The Best Way to Repair a Hole in a Concrete Slab Before Tiling Over?

Michael Byrne, a veteran tile installer and consultant, explains two scenarios:... More

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Troweling Air-Entrained Concrete

Can hard-troweling air-entrained concrete lead to delaminations? More

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