Tim Uhler

The March article "Building Stem Wall Foundations, Part II" addresses the use of Simpson Strong-Tie MASA mudsill anchors to attach the mudsill to the foundation. The author describes the installation of the TJ Shear Brace anchor-bolt spacer (Simpson Strong-Tie recently acquired the TJ Shear Brace product line from Weyerhaeuser). The caption for Figure 7 (see photo, left) states, "In the rush of the pour, the template was installed upside-down, so the author will just pop it out after the concrete has set up."

The TJ Shear Brace anchor-bolt spacer is intended to be embedded and remain in the concrete. Not only does it help to accurately locate the anchor bolts, but it also plays an integral role in the design and performance of the anchorage as a part of the lateral force-resisting system.

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