On March 20 at JLC-Live in Providence, Bosch will debut a 10-inch table saw that will compete with the portable model released this month by SawStop. Like the SawStop, the new Bosch REAXX (read: “reacts”) GTS1041A uses flesh-sensing technology to trigger a mechanism that instantly retracts the spinning blade when the operator makes contact. The difference is that the Bosch, which leverages airbag technology from its automotive division, won't damage or destroy the blade.

The Bosch mechanism drops the blade below the table and allows it to spin to a stop on its own. The blade isn't touched and can be used again after the saw is reset. Resetting is a matter of reversing or replacing the cartridge that fires to retract the blade, and then swinging the arbor assembly back to working position. According to Bosch, it takes about a minute to perform the operation. The cartridge is double-sided so it can be triggered twice before needing to be replaced.

Tools of the Trade editor, David Frane, gives us the details, including a video that shows the new saw in action.  Read more.