Engineered Lumber Roofs

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Roof Framing with Wood I-Joists

When wood I-joists are used as rafters, connections at the structural ridge and... More

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Framing a Supporting Valley

The trick is keeping clean ceiling lines above a vaulted space. More

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Framing a Hip Roof

For a perfect fit, pay attention to how the roof will be stacked when calculating... More

Engineered Lumber Roofs Instruction

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Working With Large Beams

Tips for planning and equipment that will make working with large glulam or other... More

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Modifying Roof Trusses

My client wants to add a 16-inch-wide 4-inch-deep tray ceiling in a room where the drywall ceiling is attached to the bottom chord of roof trusses. To do this, I'd have to cut out and raise the bottom chords of the trusses. Is that possible? More

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Rafter Ties and Shallow-Pitch Roofs

Q. My clients have a garage with a conventionally framed 4/12 roof that they want... More

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Snow Loads on Roofs

Q: I've always thought that building codes leave a pretty generous margin for... More

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Sizing the Birdsmouth

Q: When laying out the seat and heel cuts on a rafter, how large should the notch be? More

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