Framing Connectors

JLC Field Guide: Framing Connectors

Whether it's a standard stick-frame or one that needs to resist seismic forces or high winds, making strong, engineered connections requires a range of framing connectors. The purpose of these connectors is to strengthen the tie between different structural members and ensure an unbroken load path.

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Framing Connectors Featured Articles

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Practical Engineering: Using Metal Connectors

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Top Ten Code Violations

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Anti-Corrosive Treatments

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Framing Connectors Instruction

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Avoiding Common Errors With Framing Connectors
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Joist Hanger Fasteners
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Q&A: Nailing Tips for Advanced Framing

Q: I can see the value in advanced framing in terms of reduced thermal bridging, better insulation, and savings in framing lumber. But I've hesitated to get serious about it because I worry that the absence of some familiar framing member is going to make More

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Metal Connectors and Galvanized Coatings

Can standard galvanized Simpson STHD strap-tie hold-downs be used in contact with... More

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