Carter Silva

Putting a new kitchen in an older home can be a real challenge. The cabinets need to go in level and even, and most old floors are neither. One option is to shim and scribe all the cabinets to find a compromise between the high and low points of the floor, but that works best when the adjustments are small and are confined to one area. On a recent project, I opted instead to tear up the old floor and create a new, perfectly flat and level surface. This gave me a solid floor to work from and saved me tons of time and aggravation in the long run.

The second-floor kitchen was part of an ongoing project that we had started a couple of years earlier. I had taken most of the bounce out of the sagging floors by re-supporting the center beam in the basement (see "Shoring a Sagging Floor," JLC, Mar/12). That beam supported stacked bearing walls, and the one on the second floor needed to come...

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