Roof Trusses

JLC Field Guide: Roof Trusses

Roofs framed with trusses are engineered systems that demand careful installation and bracing. Any changes in bearing or loading to the original plan, or any field modifications to trusses, needs an engineer's approval.

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Roof Trusses Featured Articles

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Truss Roofs Production Style

A California production framer shows how on-the-ground prep work, precut braces... More

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Creating an OSHA-Compliant Safety Program for a Homebuilding Construction Site

After a visit from OSHA, a design-build contractor learns how to do things by the... More

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Roof Truss Repair

Field repairs should always be designed by an engineer More

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Installing Gable Roof Trusses

On-the-ground layout and efficient use of a crane enable these Rhode Island builders to place, brace, and sheathe a truss roof in one day. More

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Scissors Trusses and Home Performance

The right details can make scissors trusses an energy winner More

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How to Safely Frame a Roof on the Ground

To eliminate the danger and discomfort of framing and shingling a roof, Lee... More

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Raising the Pitch of an Existing Roof

By combining trusses with stick framing, the author was able to frame a new roof... More

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Roof Trusses Instruction

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Deep Rafters for a Massachusetts Passive House

The massive ridge beam and deep I-joist rafters in this custom Passive House aren’... More

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Slideshow: Framing a Loft

Coastal Connection follows the action as Cape Cod contractor Mike Hill frames the... More

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Maine Passive House: Framing Overhangs

Work continues on the high-performance Maine ski lodge addition under construction... More

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Flipping the Script on a Second-Story Addition

Design-builder Andrew DiGiammo tries a new strategy: Build the new roof first,... More

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Strapping Ceilings

Strapping serves many purposes both for framers, as well as for many of the subs... More

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