Seismic and Wind

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Lateral-Force Collectors for Seismic and Wind-Resistant Framing

There's more to wind- and earthquake-resistant framing than properly constructed shear walls. A veteran structural engineer describes the key connections that collect and control potentially catastrophic loads. More

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A Texas Tornado: Lessons Learned

Stronger Connections Could Have Saved Homes More

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A Practical Guide to Building in Seismic Zones

Steel and framing hardware requirements demand a whole new approach to foundation... More

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Portal Frame Holdown Rules Revised

The “portal frame” method for bracing walls against wind and earthquake is still... More

Seismic and Wind Instruction

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Narrow Shear-Wall Solution

Q. I'm the project manager for a construction company that's building a series of... More

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Strengthening Garage Door Walls

Q. Can anyone explain the actual technical concern and reason that new building... More

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Seismic & High-Wind Framing

Shear walls * Hold-downs * Foundation anchors * Hardware layout * Retrofitting seismic connectors & shear walls * Nailing shear panels * Wood-to-wood and wood-to-masonry roof connections * Roof diaphragm details More


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