Face it, the Stiletto Tibone is the hammer everyone wants to beat.

But with a sticker price around $200, give or take $20, it's understandable that everyone's seeking a less expensive alternative. Including Stilletto. Die-hard Tibone fan Tim Uhler looks at Stilletto's Hybrid Fiberglass model. For around $50 less, it seems to hold up (although good luck getting Tim to let go of his Tibone for very long).

For a lot, lot less (around $50 retail), DeWalt (and sister company, Stanley) offer some light-weight alternatives, sans the titanium head. Oregon framer Terry Goodrich reviews the DeWalt DWHT51138. Weighing in at just 14-oz. the new DeWalt drives nails as fast as Terry's old 22-oz. hammer, but with a lot less wear and tear on the ol' bod'.

But we're all comfortable with this concept of light-weight hammer heads by now, right? Anyone out there still framing 22-oz (or better) beaters?