Florida homeowner Scott Keenan says he moved out to the country for a reason. Keenan has owned his house in rural Golden Gate Estates, Florida for 20 years, he says, and the fact that he likes to shoot guns has never been a problem before.

But Keenan has a new neighbor: national builder D R Horton is building a new community next door called Mockingbird Crossing, and Horton says Keenan is scaring away potential buyers. Horton has now sued Keenan, claiming "Keenan has expressed to D.R. Horton and its agents his displeasure with the Mockingbird Crossing development, and his intention to stop or slow it down," according to a report by Fort Myers TV station WZVN (see: "Home building company sues Golden Gate man over gunshots, loud music," by Sophie Nielsen-Kolding).

"I say that never happened," Keenan told the TV station. "I've never had any malice toward them. We've been shooting out here for years. It pretty much has always come with the territory." Keenan says the shooting and loud music only happen "if I'm working out here in the yard one or two times a month."

The Naples Daily News covers the story here (see: "D R Horton : Guns and loud music apparently don't make for good neighbors in North Naples"). "He's just out there to blow off some steam," Keenan's lawyer, Patrick Buckley, told the paper. "It's an incredibly relaxing sport for him."

"This is, I guess, from D R Horton's perspective, an inconvenience," Buckley told the paper. "And from a business standpoint, it may be. But they should have thought that through before they bought the property."