Building Science

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Monitoring Home Performance

Certain home performance problems are hard to catch because you may not be at the... More

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Major Surgery for a Failing Fat Wall

The worst decades for building science weren’t in the 1800s; they were late 1970s... More

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Repairing a Rotting Roof

Reducing indoor humidity was a critical first step. More

Building Science Instruction

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Tight House Construction - Sealing Exterior Sheathing Seams

In my quest to build ever tighter houses I've decided that my goal is for every... More

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The Best Air-Sealing Tips and Tricks for Homebuilding and Remodeling

Use specialized tools and materials and a methodical approach. More

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Stopping Condensation Behind Knee Walls

Q: A house we built about eight years ago here in Tennessee has ductwork running through the space behind the upstairs knee walls. The exterior side of the framing has been developing condensation, but only in extremely cold weather. There are no vents in More

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Q&A: What’s the Dewpoint?

Q: When people refer to the dewpoint in a wall assembly, are they talking about a... More

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Q&A: Right Size for an Insulating Air Space

Q: How big does an air space need to be before it stops working as insulation and starts working as a convective loop? More

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