Bob Dorazio: Instead of sheathing corners (only) and then furring with thin foam, we used another way to achieve an in-plane wall surface before sheathing with foam. We used to take OSB scraps and rip them on a table saw to 1 1/2 inches or so and fur the unsheathed studs so they were flush with the sheathing. This approach seemed to pencil out at a lower cost compared with sheathing the entire house. These days, though, sheathing the entire house is more common.

Robin McC (online, 5/11/15): I know companies test products to simulate 50 years, but I have a hard time believing that tape I apply to anything today will still be adhered in 50 years. That doesn’t mean I don’t use new products, it just means I don’t think we have found any holy grails.

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