North Carolina lawmakers are considering a measure which would repeal sections of the 2012 state Building Code, rolling back commercial energy conservation requirements to 2009 levels, reports the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill News-Observer ("Bill rolls back energy efficiency standards for builders," by John Muraski). The measure is "controversial even among home builders and general contractors," the paper reports: "representatives of both of those construction industries said Monday their membership is divided on the pros and cons of state conservation mandates for new buildings."

If it becomes law, the measure will apply only to commercial construction. "It originally proposed slashing energy efficiency standards for residential homes, which increased by 15 percent in 2010, but residential requirements were left intact with the support of the N.C. Home Builders Association," the paper reports. "The association negotiated other breaks when it agreed to the 15 percent increase and did not want to undo that complex deal, said Michael Carpenter, executive vice president and general counsel."