Litigation in the long-running dispute over defective Chinese-made drywall may be wending its weary way toward a conclusion. But the lingering presence of Chinese drywall is still being felt — or perhaps smelt — in the South Florida market. Case in point: The Miami Herald (subscription required) report that Chinese drywall is creating trouble in a high-rise condo building on Brickell Avenue (see: "Defective Chinese drywall found in luxury Brickell condo," by Nicholas Nehamas).

The condo tower "sat largely empty during the recession as the the Related Group, one of South Florida's premier condo developers, desperately tried to sell units, at one point offering a one-year lease of a Mini Cooper to buyers," the Herald reports. Now, the drywall problem threatens to put a damper on sales even as the economy and the local real estate market bounce back. The condo association filed suit against the builder's drywall contractor last year. But this year, the association is telling condo owners that it can't wait for a lawsuit to produce results, the paper reports — saying instead that it "needed to act now  to prevent further price depreciation and physical damage to the units."