Matt St. Martin

One of the most enjoyable phases of this three-story addition was matching the cornice returns on the 130-year-old Denver home. In fact it was a key detail in visually integrating the new structure with the original. We had to get the cornices right, but we also had to work fast to stay on schedule and keep within the budget. To do that we made sure that the masons who laid up the brick veneer knew exactly what we needed to fasten the cornice returns in place. The anchor bolts they left protruding enabled us to assemble much of the cornice -- which was created with built-up framework and moldings -- on the ground. We were able to carry the mostly complete assemblies up a ladder and bolt them in place, which saved a few steps and a lot of time in the air (see the slideshow).

Matt St. Martin is a lead carpenter for Moonstone Construction in Denver.

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