JLC Field Guide: Drywall

Some folks believe that mud will make everything look good after they botch hanging the drywall. But the reverse is true: When you're hanging drywall, you should be making it as easy as possible for the taper by minimizing the number of seams and locating the butt joints in easy-to-hide locations.

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Reducing Drywall Callbacks

A drywall contractor explains the techniques and materials he uses to prevent nail... More

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Drywall Finishing For Small Jobs

Get most of the nasty work done in one day with setting compound and a few... More

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Elegant Baseboard With Architectural Z Shadow Bead

Affordably upgrade ordinary baseboards by incorporating reveal details into your... More

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Hanging Drywall Smart

Don't expect the taper to fix your mistakes. More

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A Drywaller’s Approach to Air Sealing Homes

Air leaks through the building shell can have a significant effect on a home’s... More

Drywall Instruction

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Better Corner Nailing for Drywall

This detail provides better nailing for drywall and access to insulate wall corners. More

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Avoiding Bathroom Drywall Problems

To prevent a bump in the drywall, don't screw through the tub/shower flange. More

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Texturing Over Yellowed Drywall

Depending on how bad it is, you may need to use a stain-blocking primer before and after applying your texture. More

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Take the Misery out of Drywall Sanding

Sometimes evolution is slow, but right at the end takes a big leap. Drywall... More

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