Michael Byrne

Cutting and shaping tile properly can be one of the most challenging — yet rewarding — parts of any tiling project. Choosing the wrong tool for the job or using the right tool improperly can be both costly (in time and materials) and dangerous. As a tile installer with decades of experience, I will show you the tools I rely on to create the most professional-looking jobs. If you install tile only occasionally, you may not need all of the tools I discuss here. But if you are working every day on high-end tile installations, these tools will allow you to increase your productivity and your profits.

A wet saw is a crucial tool for most ceramic and all stone tile installations, but features, performance, and durability can vary greatly among tools. I have four wet saws. The granddaddy of the group is over 65 years old, and I use it primarily for freehand cutting. I use a different one for large installations that require mostly straight cuts...

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