Last week, JLC's Coastal Connection spent two days on the job with Jeff Cleveland and Joe Peters of Coastal Custom Design in Portland, Maine. The pair were installing a set of custom cabinets, built in their shop, for a small kitchen remodel in South Portland.

The design called for a new refrigerator cabinet to enclose the home's existing fridge. But with space tight, building a whole fridge enclosure off site wasn't practical—the cabinet would be too big and unwieldy to maneuver through the back door and into the kitchen. ("Refrigerator cabinets are always a problem," says Cleveland.)

Instead, Cleveland and Peters built a custom end panel to cover the side of the refrigerator, and built a separate upper cabinet to go above the fridge. On site, they first scribed and fit the end panel to the existing wall and floor. Then, working on a bench, they attached the panel to the upper cabinet using a system of cleats. Finally, they raised the panel and cabinet into place as a unit and attached them to the wall—but without having to worry about muscling the whole assembly on and off their truck and into the building. Take a look. (To see how the toe kicks and base cabinets for this kitchen were installed, view "Installing Custom Cabinets."