Scott Dornbusch€™s article on buying a dump trailer (1/08) hit all the important points. I currently own several dump trailers. The one problem I€™ve had occurs when the job site is close to the dump, which doesn€™t give the dump-bed battery enough time to recharge before it€™s time to dump again. Even the largest deep-cycle marine batteries don€™t give me enough power to make several dump runs in one day. I solved this by switching to two 6-volt batteries, run in series. I expanded the battery holder, which is located under the dump bed of the trailer, to accommodate the two batteries. This gives me 12 volts to the hydraulic pump, more cold cranking amperage, and faster recharge. I can now make several trips to the dump in a day and still have full power to the hydraulic pump on the last trip. No more worries about raising the dump bed halfway, depleting the battery, and having to unload by hand.

Doug Dolezal Dolezal Construction

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