We have limited access on a lot of our jobs; it's not unusual for us to have to park out on the street and haul tools and materials back and forth between our trucks and the work area. After searching in vain for some sort of material hauler with large wheels that would navigate turf as well as dirt, I finally decided to build my own. The design was determined in part by the scrap metal that was available in the recycle area of my local salvage yard. I used several pieces of 2-inch by 4-inch steel tubing with 1/16-inch-thick walls to make the cart's frame. The 26-inch-long crosspieces are supported by 60-inch-long stringers, one of which I positioned on the flat when I welded the pieces together, so that the bed tilts slightly (1, 2). This helps keep lumber tight against the upright arms when the cart bounces over bumps. 1.


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