In my shop, I use dado blades a lot. In fact, I use them so often, I keep a dado blade in one of my table saws all the time. And I never go on a job site without making sure I've got dado blades in my truck. I use them for cutting tongues, grooves, rabbets, tenons, and, of course, dadoes. One of my favorite dado-blade operations is making drawer boxes. I call my technique the QQQ method — for "quarter-quarter-quarter." If you ever have to make drawer boxes for cabinets or built-ins — whether in the shop or on site — you may find that this approach saves you some time.

It all depends on precision, starting with the material. I use a 1/2-inch 9-ply prefinished Baltic birch plywood called ApplePly (States Industries, 800/626-1981, Unlike some 1/2-inch plywoods, it's exactly a half inch thick, and the ApplePly 1/4-inch ply is a true quarter inch. This is key to my drawer setup.

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