Most building scientists agree that typical sill sealers don't do enough to prevent water and air infiltration. In fact, the foundation-to-mud-sill connection is one of the biggest energy wasters in most new homes. Triple Guard Energy Sill Sealer improves the water resistance and air-sealing qualities of typical sill sealer by adding a T-shaped piece of sticky adhesive membrane to the closed-cell foam. The membrane, which adheres the sill seal to the foundation, extends up the sheathing 3 1/2 inches and down the foundation 1 1/2 inches, effectively waterproofing and air-sealing that difficult area. A two-part release paper protects the adhesive while the floor is framed and sheathed. The 2x4 triple seal sells for $19, and the 2x6 triple seal sells for $29. Both rolls are 25 feet long.

Protecto Wrap, 800/759-9727,

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