Roe Osborn

As a finish carpenter, I’m often asked to install wainscot to spice up a room, and pre-primed MDF sheets with grooves cut to mimic the look of T&G material make the job much easier. Before starting the wainscot, I make sure the baseboard is installed, along with the side trim on the doors and windows. (If I’m doing the window trim, I install the stool and apron after the wainscot is installed).

The MDF wainscot material comes in 4x8 sheets 1/2 inch thick, and the contractor for this project had spec’d a height of 42 inches above the baseboard. I started by cutting enough 3 1/2-footers from my stack to do the room. Then I cut 2-inch strips from a couple of the scrap pieces across their width and placed the strips on top of the baseboard...

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