I do a lot of drywall repairs in my business, and I get these annoying tiny bubbles as I apply joint compound. It seems to happen almost always when the joint compound is going over the surrounding area of the patch that has the wall paint on it. Someone said it was due to thinning the compound too much, but I’m not sure I agree with that since it happens with the premix compound without adding water. It also seems to happen with the setting type of compound. Unfortunately, these bubbles are hard to detect until I put primer on the patch, and they look like freckles all over the place. Can anyone help me with this? —Toolmanbrooks

It is a pretty common problem when going over paint. It’s not due to thinning, it’s because the water only has one way out. Patch the best you can; very light coat of primer; very tight coat of compound; then sand, prime, and paint. Only way I’ve been able to solve it. —tjbnwi1

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