We know Jed Dixon mostly as a stair builder. In fact, he's very much an old-school carpenter who's done far more than stairs over his storied career. And in everything he does he's a stickler for doing it right - a message that comes through loud in clear in his recent This is Carpentry article: Raking Cornice: Part 3.

To turn the corner with wood crown molding - from the horizontal to the diagonal running up the rake of a classical pediment, Jed uses a bandsaw (see video below). It's not a method for the feint of heart - indeed, the skill involved here is intense - but it's certainly a classy way to do it.

  As the title of Jed's article suggests, this is the final article in a three-part series on drawing and making rake, horizontal, and plumb-cut crown molding for pediments. To read the  rest of the series, see Part 1: Drawing and Developing Three-piece Crown, by Todd Murdock, and Part 2: Three-piece Pediment Crown, by Keith Mathewson.