What's going on, you're asking? Not much — a nominal change, really. As in, we're giving the magazine the nickname that most everyone already calls it (say Journal of Light Construction three times fast and you'll know why). We've been discussing this for years, but I decided the time had come while manning the editors' booth at a recent JLC Live show. An attendee walked up, talking about what a great show it was, never been to anything like it, and so on; then he read our banner and said, "Journal of Light Construction? Huh. What's that?" Looking around at all the JLC Live signs everywhere, I explained the magazine's connection to the show, thinking it would be nice if it were a little more obvious.

We were also overdue for a redesign on the inside. The goal was "clean and simple," and it has been masterfully executed by art director Barb Nevins. Still, even though the presentation is different, you'll find that most of the content is exactly the same.

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