I enjoyed "Photography for Contractors" (7/07). We photograph for other reasons. Our business sells lighting and plumbing fixtures to builders; we make an average of 10 deliveries a day. In the past, some contractor would call nearly every week saying he was missing a chandelier or a ceiling fan. Believing we had delivered the items, we would assume the electrician was taking them home instead of installing them. So I bought inexpensive digital cameras and we began to photograph every delivery, making sure to capture the house in the background so that the builder could see what was delivered to the job.

The word soon spread among the subcontractors, and we did not have a report of a missing item for the next four months. The next time it happened, the photograph proved that we had actually made an error. In another case, a builder claimed a shortage six months after a delivery, but the photo clearly showed the missing item.

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